Friday, November 30, 2012

SO SORRY that I have been neglecting this poor 'ole blog!  Goodness gracious me!!  It has been a tough year!!  And NOT because of my class!  They are just the sweetest, most fun kiddos EVER!!  I LOVE them so!  We have been having so much fun this year!!!  It's just the meetings, paperwork, and new, new, new that has been going on this year that is keeping me super busy!  The changes are good, though!!!!  I am going to just photo dump it right now so you can see what's been going on in our super busy room!!!
My Kindergarten team!!!

My SPOOKY class!

Fall Follies Fun!!!!

Veterans Day!!!!!

Disecting owl pellets!!!!

Meet "Cutie" our Elf on the Shelf!!  Sooo fun!  This elf is CRAZY!!!

We decorated our OWN Gingerbread men today!  Such fun!!!!!  I wonder which part I will bite first?


Hopefully it will not take me so long to update next time!  Cross Country season is over for my oldest and Jr. High football is over for my youngest sooo.....maybe I will have a tad bit more time?????  It's Christmas time and the amazing monkeys will be super busy celebrating the most wonderful time of the year!!!


Sunday, September 23, 2012

Brown Bear, Teddy Bears, and Readers....Oh My!

We have been super busy the past few weeks learning about Brown Bear, Brown Bear, exploring our Teddy Bears and learning all about Readers Workshop!!!

We practiced our cutting skills and made our bears.  Then we wrote about which two color bears we used to pattern on our tie.

We have been doing Brown Bear Brown Bear math workstations.  Here is one on sorting by color.

This is our work job station where we are counting out a given number onto each bear.

Here is another station...pull an animal, color on your recording sheet, count the dots, and write the number.
We have 8 workstations every week!

We made bear bags!  Inside our bag was our sequencing activity so we could retell our story!

We explored our bears!

Here is my favorite Baylor Bear! :)

We celebrated with a teddy bear picnic!  We ate yummy honey treats and watched the teddy bear picnic video and the famous gummy bear song!
We have enjoyed learning all about Readers Workshop.  We have been practicing Read to Self and building up our stamina!

We learned about Read to Someone!  We can read to our reading buddy and take turns!

We are learning about Daily 5 and our center rotations which include:
Read to Self
Read to Someone
Word Work
Guided Reading Groups with our teacher

It has all been super fun!  I will be back with more pictures of our day and pictures of our farm fun!


Wednesday, September 5, 2012

One Week Down!

We had an AMAZING first week!  Wheeww!  Our first week is behind us and this
week has been great so far!  We are SO BUSY!!!

We took pictures on our first day and turned them into cute magnets that will hang our work all year!

We made our torn paper rainbow names for our name wall!
Here we are!  We are the AMAZING Monkeys!!!
This year is going to be a BLAST!!!!


Wednesday, August 15, 2012

Back To School Time Again!

Welcome To Kindergarten!!

Welcome Amazing Monkeys!!!  If you are reading this it means you received your letter from me and now know you are an Amazing Monkey!  Yay!  We are going to have so much fun this year!! I have been busy working in my room to make things super cute for you! It is all "monkey-fied" and ready to go!
My name is Mrs. Deramus and I will be your Kindergarten teacher this year!  This will be my 16th year to teach!  I LOVE teaching Kindergarten!  It is the best!!  I can't wait to meet you on Meet The Teacher Night- August 23- 4:00-6:30!  Please come and bring all of your school supplies, too!
I hope you and your family had a great summer!  We were busy traveling (I went to Florida and Colorado) and I was busy watching my boys do sports!  I have 2 boys.  Jacob just turned 16 and will be a Junior at BHS and Bailey just turned 12 and he will be in 7th grad at BJHS!  Here we are in Seaside, Florida.

And here are me and my hubby at 7 Falls in Colorado Springs!  

I hope that helps you get to know me better!  I can't wait to see you on August 23!!!!
Enjoy the rest of your summer!


Tuesday, April 24, 2012

It's Circus Time!

Welcome to the greatest show on earth!
We have been learning about circus animals in kindergarten!  We wrapped it up with our famous kindergarten circus!  Here is our adventure in pictures!
We learned about giraffes and zebras and then compared the two.
Idea from Deanna Jump's Zoo Animal unit!

We read great non-fiction books about each animal and then made them!

They especially loved learning and making their monkeys!  I wonder why?

I made a giant ringmaster on our door to graph our favorite circus act!

Our display outside our room!  Under the big top!

We tasted real peanuts in the shell and graphed if we liked elephant food!
They mostly loved them!  They rocked my socks off with all that they came up when analyzing our data!  What smarties!!!!  I did not prompt ANY of these answers!  WOW!

We made circus tents and drew what we would be in the circus and then wrote about what we would be doing!

Our super cute clowns!  They loved designing their own faces!

Our word wall on our bathroom door!

Our lions can, have, are chart!

These are the super great non-fiction books I bought for this unit!  We read elephants, monkeys, giraffes, and other great books for lions, and alligators!
The lion, elephant, and bears!

The jumping dogs!

The jugglers, strongman, and clown!

May all your days be circus days!!!!!

The seals!  I did not get a picture of my darling acrobats and tightrope walkers! One of my sweet moms came up and did all of their hair!!!  They were still getting dolled up!  :( Boo!

 Needless to say....we had a ball learning about the circus!!!!!

I will leave you with a picture of our class on our Easter egg hunt!!!!! (since I never got that on here!)