Monday, January 30, 2012

Hip, Hip HOORAY! We've Been In Kindergarten 100 Days! it has been awhile since I have posted!  Rest assured we have been super busy!
First of was our 100th day celebration and we worked non-stop!

They got down to business right as they came in!  They had to lay out 100 fruit loops on their hundreds chart and then string them onto their necklaces!

As they finished their necklaces they had to make their 100 day hats!  They were to stamp 10 dots on each strip!

They turned out SUPER CUTE!!!  This is what the little monkeys found when they came back from music today!  That Zero the Hero is something else!  :)

They had to pop their balloons by sitting on them....grab the number that was inside....and put it in their plastic bag.

Too much fun!!!  They love, love, loved it!  After all the balloons were popped we went to the hallway and got busy on making our 100's chart!

We had a super fun day!  I bet your little monkeys will sleep great tonight!  Thanks for a wonderful 100 days of school!!!!
Happy 100 days of Kindergarten, Amazing Monkeys!


Thursday, January 12, 2012

We are having SNOW much fun!

We have been having bunches of fun reading and making snowman and snow stuff!
We made snowglobes and wrote about if we lived in a snowglobe!

We read the story Snowmen At Night and painted our snowmen!

Then we wrote about what we would do at night!

They turned out super cute!

We also celebrated Rylee's birthday on January 10!
Happy Birthday Rylee!