Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Going Buggy!

We have been busy entamologists in our classroom!  Studying insects has been so much fun!!!
We read tons of books about ants and then made an ant to write information about.

We read this precious book and wrote about whether we would step on an ant!

We read several cool books about bees and made a bee to write about.

We compared ants and bees.  There are a lot of similarities and differences.

We learned about dragonflies and made one....They turned out precious!

We read 3 cute books about fireflies!  They loved making the firefly!

We worked on ant hill word families in our spare time.

They made a cute bug to use for graphing whether bugs are cool or creepy.

This is our spring mural outside our classroom!

Today we made praying mantises....super cute!
The weather has been so beautiful! Don't you think?  We have been taking extended recess time!  :)
Spring fever has hit the amazing monkeys BIG time!
Happy Spring!