Monday, October 31, 2011

Happy Halloween

 We have had a blast leading up to this CRAZY day! are some pictures of us in our batty centers and Halloween centers!  We had so much fun!
Spooky roll and count was a favorite!  They rolled 10 objects in the cup, spilled, and recorded answers on a 10 frame!  The learned about the different combinations of 10!

Greater than less than!  They had fun turning the "alligator mouth"!

Pattern Bats!

This was a favorite!  They made a bat with their hands and feet and measured him using different objects...their favorite was candy corn!

The beginning of workjobs!  They all started with putting 10 bats on their mats!  We will move on to numbers, addition, subtraction, and fair shares!

Pumpkin Cootie!  Sooo fun!

Polka dot pumpkins!  Count, color, and write the number!

Jack-O'-Lantern patterns!

This was another fave!  Math read the room!  They had to walk around and find those pictures on their sheet!  When they found it they had to "read" the number!  The numbers were written all different "math" ways!

In the middle of this madness was Red Ribbon Week!  We had to make green faces because Kindergarten is green!  Soooo... We made precious green faces for the gym wall!  I told them it looked like they all made Shreks and Fiona's!  LOL!

We began our Math Journals....which I am loving!  Here is an example of one of our prompts.   There are 3 trees.  There are 2 bats in each tree.  How many bats are there in all.  Oh....this is good stuff!  We are learning the key words, what we need to do to figure out the answer and how to put it all together!  They are loving it and so am I!

Here we are.....all ready to fly our bats!

Bat flying is super fun!
We had an opportunity to go to the outdoor learning center to hear Mrs. Landsley read us a story about bats!  She was super impressed with our knowledge about these mammals!  I giggled and told her we have been studying them for a week.  She still said no other class used all those big nocturnal, mammals, and her favorite echolocation!  Way to go amazing monkeys!  I know ya'll are amazing!!!!

She is showing us the plant that has the flowers that look like a bat face!

Blurry but can't you see the bat face!  Soooo neat!
This is the second time we went to the garden to see the different types of webs that spiders can make.  Check out this cool funnel web!

Here we are with our science journals!  We love the outdoor learning garden!   Up next.....acorns and oak trees!
OKAY......on to Halloween!  WOW!  What a fun day!!!!  Here are some highlights!






Okay so now on to the party!!!!!

Yummy food, good friends, and fun music!!!!  Check 'em out....they love dancing!
Chloe showing off mom's awesome spider cupcakes!

Cass showing off mom's awesome pumpkin cookies!
They loved all the yummy food!  Now on to some Halloween party games!
Ready to play musical chairs to spooky music!

The winner!

The winners of pass the broom!

Soo cute!

I will leave you with this little gem.....Teaching Kindergarten is SWEET!
Happy Halloween Everyone!


Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Our Many Colorful Days!

So sorry that it has been awhile!  Our two weeks of color word study was soooo much fun!

Some of the days we were so busy....I forgot to take pictures :( !!!

On Pink day...Carson brought us bubble gum!  We practiced blowing bubbles and graphed whether we could blow a bubble or not!

We practice writing the word pink!
 Four of us could blow bubbles!!!!

Green day!!!  We read Go Away Big Green Monster....then we made our own but they could be any color we wanted!  We practiced writing our color words!

On blue day....we made Cookie Monsters!  We sorted our cookies by shape and wrote our sight word of the week...."like".

Our precious crayon boxes!!!  Each crayon has the color word written on the inside!

Our monster glyph!  The color is our favorite color.  The mouth represents our favorite monster story.  The spots tell everyone how old we are!

We have been loving our math workstations and our literacy center time!  Here we are....getting busy!

We explored the geoboards!

We practiced putting our numbers in order!

We made color patterns and recorded on our sheet!

We made a book of school patterns!

We played clear the board!  (beginning subtraction skills)

We measured monsters with unifix cubes!

We loved playing battle and deciding who had the bigger number!

We played number memory!

Here we are today!!!  Our new unit is over bats!!!  Here is Kam putting his sentences in order and recording them on his recording sheet!  They love center time! :)