Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Our Many Colorful Days!

So sorry that it has been awhile!  Our two weeks of color word study was soooo much fun!

Some of the days we were so busy....I forgot to take pictures :( !!!

On Pink day...Carson brought us bubble gum!  We practiced blowing bubbles and graphed whether we could blow a bubble or not!

We practice writing the word pink!
 Four of us could blow bubbles!!!!

Green day!!!  We read Go Away Big Green Monster....then we made our own but they could be any color we wanted!  We practiced writing our color words!

On blue day....we made Cookie Monsters!  We sorted our cookies by shape and wrote our sight word of the week...."like".

Our precious crayon boxes!!!  Each crayon has the color word written on the inside!

Our monster glyph!  The color is our favorite color.  The mouth represents our favorite monster story.  The spots tell everyone how old we are!

We have been loving our math workstations and our literacy center time!  Here we are....getting busy!

We explored the geoboards!

We practiced putting our numbers in order!

We made color patterns and recorded on our sheet!

We made a book of school patterns!

We played clear the board!  (beginning subtraction skills)

We measured monsters with unifix cubes!

We loved playing battle and deciding who had the bigger number!

We played number memory!

Here we are today!!!  Our new unit is over bats!!!  Here is Kam putting his sentences in order and recording them on his recording sheet!  They love center time! :)


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