Meet Mrs. Deramus-

MY favorites:

Drinks- STARBUCKS!!! I love a Grande, Vanilla Latte with 6 pumps of vanilla-with whip, please!!!! Their sweet green tea is pretty yummy, too!
- Sonic Coke!!!

Food- MEXICAN!!!!
Music- Christian music- I HEART KSBJ
Movies- The Wizard of Oz- I actually collect Wizard of Oz stuff!!!

I LOVE......
I love books!!! Children's books and Barnes and Noble have me hooked!!!!
 I love hot baths and hot tubs!!! I love Sunshine!! I am a summer lover because I adore being barefoot, on the beach, or wearing shorts!!! I am a true TEXAS girl (the state...not the team!!!)!!!
 I love Vera Bradley ANYTHING!!!
I love my iphone! I love to shop, blog stalk, and watch my boys play their many sports! I love flair pens and sharpies, cute clipart and collecting stuff I might can make something cute with for my classroom!
 I love my husband, my boys, my family, and my church family!

I love my Amazing Monkeys, too!!!