Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Children's Museum

We recently visited the Children's Museum for our "TAKS Trip", as I like to call it!  The school likes to "get rid of us" during the test so they can use our rooms and because it's just quieter!  That is fine by me....I LOVE a good field trip!  And....we had a blast!

We also had an "eggciting" time on our Easter Egg Hunt!!!  I hope everyone had a wonderful Easter!

Saturday, April 23, 2011

Easter Fun!

We recently made "Spring Necklace Books"!  They had so much fun with this.  My teaching "idol" Kimberly Jordano showed us how to make these at a summer conference.  They loved them. Even the boys got a kick out of them.....and they were pink!  I kept hearing, "tough boys wear pink!"  It was cracking me up!  Here are my "tough boys"!

It was also Izic's 6th Birthday!  Happy Birthday Izic!!!!!

Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Easter Bunnies!!!

Today we made Easter Bunnies with OUR faces!!!!  These were so much fun and turned out soooo cute!
This is Diamond Bunny

Here is our Spring Bulletin Board!

Monday, April 18, 2011

Hip-Hoppin' Addition!

Today we made our rabbits with carrot addition!  They turned out so stinkin' cute!!!!!

They added the carrots on one arm to the carrots on the other!

Check out the LOVE I received today!!!!!

Gotta love when a kinder kiddo says "you make me special!"
Love you too, Ada!

Great Monday!!!!!  3 more school days until EASTER!!!!!

Stephen Fite Concert!

We had an amazing time at the Stephen Fite concert! The concert was called It's Groovy Great To Educate!  We definitely had a GROOVY GREAT time! We decided once and for all that Stephen Fite ROCKS!!!!
The Smarties were "feeling groovy!"

Peace, Love, and Stephen Fite!
After the concert we went to the park in College Station! The kinders were very excited about eating our lunch at the park!  When we arrived at the concert at 9:15....I had a million questions like, "When are we going to eat our lunches?"
Fun Times!
All in was a "GROOVY" day!

Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Spring Days!

My Smarties are all excited about Spring!  We have been learning all about Oviparous animals!  First we brainstormed all of the animals we could think of that come from eggs!  We had quite a list!  Then we divided them up into classifications: reptiles, fish, insects, birds, etc... We then read Chickens Aren't The Only Ones, by Ruth Heller!  Love that book! I have lots of other books to read on this topic, and we will add to our list when we come across something new!  Today we made our spring chicks!  They are just so cute and make the room look so "Springy"!

We also worked on our Rhyming Humpty Dumpties!!!!  I love these!  They paint their egg any spring color they want & add details! Then they choose 2 rhyming words to complete the phrase:
Humpty Dumpty sat on a cat.
Humpty Dumpty sat on a mat.

Here is Tegan's!

These hang from the ceiling to help celebrate Spring!

My Smarties have been such sweeties lately......check out the LOVE I've been getting!
And the hard work!

In hopes of putting an end to the noisy, noisy, NOISY SMARTIES during trash pick up....we started "Magic Trash"!  It really is magical!  I spy a "magic" piece of trash on the floor.  Then I call out "Magic Trash"!  Everyone has to pick up trash on the floor with NO noise!  If they talk they are out!  The Smartie who picks up the "Magic Trash" without talking wins a trip to the treasure box! Today Peter was the winner!  Here he is with his Treasure Box Treasure!!!
Love the BUG glasses!  Thanks Mrs. Schultz!

Thursday, April 7, 2011

Our Random Week of Spring!

This week we have just been doing random things.  I picked some things  that the kiddos have shone an obvious interest in lately like.....TEETH!!! Oh, my goodness ya'll, these kids are loosing teeth like CRAZY!  We made the tooth fairies from Cara Carroll's First Grade Parade!  They turned out soooo cute! Then (of course) they had to write about what they thought the tooth fairy did with all of their teeth!  Soooo cute!!!!

We have also read a lot of books about teeth, and have been singing songs about brushing!  We had our clean teeth visit with Mrs. Tarbutton and good news.....our teeth looked AWESOME!
We made a chart using interactive writing about how to pull a tooth and then they went to their seats and wrote their own version!  Very cute!
All of our tooth activities can be found on Cara Carroll's TPT store!
My SMARTIES have also been interested in Rainbows ever since St. Patrick's Day and all of the stories we read back we have been singing the Roy G. Biv song (which they love)  ask them to sing it for you!
We made our own Roy G. Bivs!
While studying rainbows we read a funny story- A Bad Case of Stripes.
The little girl in the story loves lima beans more than anything in the world so that is what cures her from her bad case of stripes.  The kids had to write what would cure them if they had a bad case of stripes.  These turned out SUPER CUTE!
All in all......Wonderful Week of Randomness!!!!! :-)

Tuesday, April 5, 2011


You know you teach Kindergarten when.....
1. You have been through no less than 892 glue sticks....and uhhh the year is not over yet!

2. You say get in picture formation and your kiddos quickly scramble into picture formation!  So well trained!

3.  You are just as excited as your kids about the.....BOOK FAIR!!!!!

4.  Every time you leave your room....library, PE, get a hug from just about every kid leaving or entering the room....have we not been together all day?  I'm just saying!!!

5.  Every time you see your students across Walmart, or a restaurant, you hear "the scream".....and they come running for the hug!

6.  Your heart skips a beat when they read!!!!! Write!!!!!  Master something new that YOU were responsible for!!!!!!  Best feeling in the world!!!

7. Your heart skips a beat when you get THE HUGS!!!!! LOVE!!!!

8. When you catch yourself in conversation with your fellow teachers...."Did you see those Easter Bunnies with the faces?  I'm soooo doing that!!!!!" Probably found blog stalking somewhere.

9.  Your closet is divided into sections by holiday!  Halloween shirts, Christmas shirts, Easter shirts....etc.....

10.  You dream about your students and ways to make their Kindergarten year unforgettable!!!!  

The Greatest Show On Earth!!!

Last week we concluded our unit on the circus with our very own.....Kindergarten Circus!  This unit is so much fun for the kids...and me! 
We learned all about lions and completed a brace map.  The kids drew their own lion and made their own individual brace maps to take home.  They always amaze me with what they can remember when they are interested in the subject matter! :-) They were VERY interested in lions!!!!!
We made our own lions on circus stands (trapezoids)!  They decorated their circus stand with crayons and then did a watercolor wash.  Then (of course) they had to write what they have learned about lions.
We graphed our favorite circus acts on our classroom door!
Full size view of door.

Ringmaster with graph added!
Here are the performers for this years show!!!!!!
Bouncing Bare Back Riders
Terrific Tightrope Walkers

Amazing Acrobats

Still more to come.......
Roaring lions & Enormous Elephants

Dazzling Dotty Dogs

Slippery Seals

Those Comical Clowns!

Our Strongman & our Beautiful Bird!
As you can see we had a BLAST on Circus Day!  It truly is a special day for the teachers, children, and their parents!  Our school has been doing the circus for over 20 years!!!


Well......our classroom has entered the blogging world!  I am sooo excited!!!  It is my hope to use this blog as a constant communication with the parents!  You can see what we did in school, if not everyday, pretty regularly!, videos, explanations of our day!!!  Exciting....right?