Tuesday, April 5, 2011

The Greatest Show On Earth!!!

Last week we concluded our unit on the circus with our very own.....Kindergarten Circus!  This unit is so much fun for the kids...and me! 
We learned all about lions and completed a brace map.  The kids drew their own lion and made their own individual brace maps to take home.  They always amaze me with what they can remember when they are interested in the subject matter! :-) They were VERY interested in lions!!!!!
We made our own lions on circus stands (trapezoids)!  They decorated their circus stand with crayons and then did a watercolor wash.  Then (of course) they had to write what they have learned about lions.
We graphed our favorite circus acts on our classroom door!
Full size view of door.

Ringmaster with graph added!
Here are the performers for this years show!!!!!!
Bouncing Bare Back Riders
Terrific Tightrope Walkers

Amazing Acrobats

Still more to come.......
Roaring lions & Enormous Elephants

Dazzling Dotty Dogs

Slippery Seals

Those Comical Clowns!

Our Strongman & our Beautiful Bird!
As you can see we had a BLAST on Circus Day!  It truly is a special day for the teachers, children, and their parents!  Our school has been doing the circus for over 20 years!!!

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