Thursday, April 7, 2011

Our Random Week of Spring!

This week we have just been doing random things.  I picked some things  that the kiddos have shone an obvious interest in lately like.....TEETH!!! Oh, my goodness ya'll, these kids are loosing teeth like CRAZY!  We made the tooth fairies from Cara Carroll's First Grade Parade!  They turned out soooo cute! Then (of course) they had to write about what they thought the tooth fairy did with all of their teeth!  Soooo cute!!!!

We have also read a lot of books about teeth, and have been singing songs about brushing!  We had our clean teeth visit with Mrs. Tarbutton and good news.....our teeth looked AWESOME!
We made a chart using interactive writing about how to pull a tooth and then they went to their seats and wrote their own version!  Very cute!
All of our tooth activities can be found on Cara Carroll's TPT store!
My SMARTIES have also been interested in Rainbows ever since St. Patrick's Day and all of the stories we read back we have been singing the Roy G. Biv song (which they love)  ask them to sing it for you!
We made our own Roy G. Bivs!
While studying rainbows we read a funny story- A Bad Case of Stripes.
The little girl in the story loves lima beans more than anything in the world so that is what cures her from her bad case of stripes.  The kids had to write what would cure them if they had a bad case of stripes.  These turned out SUPER CUTE!
All in all......Wonderful Week of Randomness!!!!! :-)

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