Tuesday, April 5, 2011


You know you teach Kindergarten when.....
1. You have been through no less than 892 glue sticks....and uhhh the year is not over yet!

2. You say get in picture formation and your kiddos quickly scramble into picture formation!  So well trained!

3.  You are just as excited as your kids about the.....BOOK FAIR!!!!!

4.  Every time you leave your room....library, PE, lunch....you get a hug from just about every kid leaving or entering the room....have we not been together all day?  I'm just saying!!!

5.  Every time you see your students across Walmart, or a restaurant, you hear "the scream".....and they come running for the hug!

6.  Your heart skips a beat when they read!!!!! Write!!!!!  Master something new that YOU were responsible for!!!!!!  Best feeling in the world!!!

7. Your heart skips a beat when you get THE HUGS!!!!! LOVE!!!!

8. When you catch yourself in conversation with your fellow teachers...."Did you see those Easter Bunnies with the faces?  I'm soooo doing that!!!!!" Probably found blog stalking somewhere.

9.  Your closet is divided into sections by holiday!  Halloween shirts, Christmas shirts, Easter shirts....etc.....

10.  You dream about your students and ways to make their Kindergarten year unforgettable!!!!  

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