Friday, November 30, 2012

SO SORRY that I have been neglecting this poor 'ole blog!  Goodness gracious me!!  It has been a tough year!!  And NOT because of my class!  They are just the sweetest, most fun kiddos EVER!!  I LOVE them so!  We have been having so much fun this year!!!  It's just the meetings, paperwork, and new, new, new that has been going on this year that is keeping me super busy!  The changes are good, though!!!!  I am going to just photo dump it right now so you can see what's been going on in our super busy room!!!
My Kindergarten team!!!

My SPOOKY class!

Fall Follies Fun!!!!

Veterans Day!!!!!

Disecting owl pellets!!!!

Meet "Cutie" our Elf on the Shelf!!  Sooo fun!  This elf is CRAZY!!!

We decorated our OWN Gingerbread men today!  Such fun!!!!!  I wonder which part I will bite first?


Hopefully it will not take me so long to update next time!  Cross Country season is over for my oldest and Jr. High football is over for my youngest sooo.....maybe I will have a tad bit more time?????  It's Christmas time and the amazing monkeys will be super busy celebrating the most wonderful time of the year!!!


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