Tuesday, February 14, 2012

What A "LOVELY" Day!

We had such a fun Valentines Day today!  Here are a few activities we have been doing leading up to the big day!
First we had to prepare our bags so we could begin the process of mailing our valentines!  We had the choice to make:
a bear,

a rabbit,

or a frog!!!

They turned out super cute!

We picked a friend and created a heart together!  This was very fun and they turned out precious!

We made our valentine kids and homemade valentines, too!

We talked about friends and made a friends: can, have, are chart!

We made kids and measured our arm span with pennies, paperclips, cubes, and candy hearts, of course!

We took pictures of ourselves with moustaches for our parents valentines!

Here we are measuring our valentine kids!

Mailing out our cards was fun.....so was receiving them!

Happy Valentines Day!

Mrs. Deramus gave us playdough hearts!

And cotton candy cones!!!!


Have a Happy Valentines Day Amazing Monkeys!!!!


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