Wednesday, November 16, 2011

We have been SUPER busy monkeys, lately!  Here is some of the fall fun happening in our room!
We had lots of fun labeling the parts of our apples!

We are sooo thankful we can now read sooo many words!

We made these AWESOME scarecrows!  Just wait 'till you read the book on his belly!

Our Indians were a lot of fun to make!  We are working on reading and writing our number words!

We LOVE the rhyme Five Fat Turkeys!  They loved making the trees and the turkeys!!!

Here we are on Veterans Day!
We had a lot of fun making our veterans and flags!

I had to go home sick that day....YUCK!! So our writing did not get done....which made me sad!

Stay tuned.....pilgrims and the Mayflower coming up!  I love this time of year!!!


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