Tuesday, September 6, 2011

What We've Been Up To!

Our completed letter trees are going up!  Several more have completed their trees since this picture was snapped!  YAY!
We have been super busy in Kindergarten!  I am proud to say that  14 out of my 18 SMARTIES now know every letter and every sound!!!  We have been working on our Chicka Chicka Boom Boom trees!  Here is what they are looking like!
Here is Aaliyah with her completed tree!  When they complete their tree they earn a trip to the treasure chest!  She picked these goofy glasses!  Too Cute!!!

We completed the first page of our Math Scrapbook!  We counted the letters in our names as we added them to a coconut tree!  We have also been graphing!  Check out our coconut graphs!
Savanna with her Math Scrapbook page!

On to our bear unit!!!  We had a great week reading two of my favorite stories....Brown Bear Brown Bear and Goldilocks and The Three Bears!!!  One of my favorite projects is our Bear Purses!  Each student makes a purse and sequences the characters from Brown Bear!  I LOVE how they turn out!

We also make bears with pattern ties!  We are learning all about ABAB patterns right now so they had to make an ABAB pattern using tiny bears!
Hallway Bulletin Board!

I am SOOO loving these kids that are hanging in the hall right now!  They are almost as cute as the kids in my class!  LOL!
Our Teddy Bear parade was precious!  We had a great time parading the halls with our favorite bears!

We have started doing our Math Stations in the morning and our Literacy Stations in the afternoon!  It is going well! We will be studying all about the farm for the next 3 weeks!  I will be back soon with more "MOO-velous" pictures!

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