Monday, August 22, 2011

First Day Jitters!!!

Well....we survived the first day of school today!  It really was a fun, busy, TIRING, but great first day!  I have a room full of sweeties and....SMARTIES!  I think my kinder smarties will SLEEP great tonight!  I had one that told me, " I could'nt sleep last night!  I kept laying there thinking of YOU!"  Is that not the cutest!  I told her, "And I could'nt sleep because I kept thinking of YOU!"  Anyway...I think we will crash tonight!!! Here are the new Kindergarten Smarties on their first day of Kindergarten!!!
Hey, hey we're the monkeys!
They are all sooo cute!!!

Here are our first day magnets!  A gift for our parents so they can hang all of our cool kindergarten stuff on the fridge!

Here are a few of my sweeties working hard!


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