Thursday, May 5, 2011

We Love Eating BUGS!?!

Today we made our edible bugs!  I layed out a whole lot of edible "stuff"!  They got to pick and choose and build a bug.  They had to make sure it had the parts that made it an insect: 3 body parts, 2 eyes, 2 antennae, and 6 legs.  They then drew their bug and wrote about it.  They turned out great!  My smarties had a GREAT time with this fun activity.  A big "THANKS" to all of the parents who brought the fixins for our BUGS!

Here are a few of our yummy bugs!
Diamond's beetle

Alexis' bee

Piper's ant

Kade's ladybug....sooo cute!

Joshua's dragonfly

Izic's firefly

Here are some of their drawings.....

Have a wonderful Mother's Day!!!! Hope all of my smarties remember to give their mother their gift!

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